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Options Presented To Ste. Genevieve Aldermen For Replacing Retaining Wall At Fifth And Washington

Cochran Engineering has given the city of Ste. Genevieve quotes for three options to replace the 84-year-old retaining wall that is falling over at Washington and North Fifth streets.
In his report during last Thursday’s Board of Aldermen meeting, city administrator Happy Welch presented three quotes.
For a concrete wall, the estimate is about $28,000. For a block wall, it would be about $22,500. The third option would be to merely use graded dirt. That would cost about $12,000.
Welch said the property owner at 199 N. Fifth St. is not interested in participating in the project.
Welch said the project can be examined in a future work session. Mayor Paul Hassler agreed that a work session was needed.
“There is also going to be other work involved in that street,” Welch said. “We’ve got to get that street repaired as well. We can do what we want with the wall, but if we don’t fix that street, what’s underneath [the pavement], then we’re going to be in trouble in the future.”

See complete story in the June 3 edition of the Herald.

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