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Labor Unions Donate To Levee Volunteers

Three local labor organizations recently showed their appreciation to the volunteers who have patrolled the Urban Design Levee protecting Ste. Genevieve during recent flood events.
The three organizations donated $800 to American Radio Emergency Services (ARES) of Ste. Genevieve County. The volunteer ARES organization has taken the responsibility of monitoring the Urban Design Levee during flood events.
“When the gates are closed, there is someone on those levees 24 hours a day,” said Bill Kraemer, a local union member who has volunteered on the levee as well.
Kraemer coordinated the effort among labor unions to support ARES’ efforts.
Contributing were St.  Louis-based Laborers Local 110 [Don Willey, business manager] and two Ste. Genevieve-based unions, United Steelworkers Local 169G [Joe Fallert, business manager] and Carpenters Local 2030 [Steve Pinkley, business manager].
The money was presented to Norm Gallup, who has coordinated ARES activities during the recent Mississippi River flood events.
Kraemer said the donation was a thank-you of sorts from the unions to Ste. Genevieve, which was the top county in the state in voting against right to work with more than 80 percent of its voters supporting Proposition A in 2018.
“When we kind of put this thing together, we weren’t under a pandemic,” Kraemer said, “but it seems like our levees don’t get attention, just because they’re out of sight, out of mind. I’m really proud of our unions for sticking up.
“Ste. Genevieve overwhelmingly supported the local unions [on Proposition A], and this is kind of their way of supporting their community back.”

See complete story in the May 13 edition of the Herald.

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