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Letters: Health Dept. Thanks Community For Support, Continued Cooperation

To The Editor:
The Ste. Genevieve County Health Department would like to thank all members of the community for their support, cooperation and compliance of county-wide restrictions and social distancing during this current pandemic. We understand how difficult this has been for everyone, ranging from emotional issues to financial issues.
As we move forward into the next stage of recovery, we continue to appreciate the compliance and cooperation we are seeing for the progression of reopening. While for some the progression may seem too slow, or too conservative, we ask for understanding that we are trying to find the balance between economic recovery, and public health prevention. If we progress too quickly the surge of infection can be devastating. If we progress too slowly, the decline in economy can also be devastating.
Community leaders have worked diligently together to find the appropriate balance. We have been successful because we all worked together, and we will remain successful as we continue to work together.
Sandra Bell,
Administrator, Ste Genevieve County Health Department

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