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Health Insurance Debate Among Ste. Gen. Aldermen Results In Agreement On Plan Changes

How to handle health insurance for city employees will be a topic when the Ste. Genevieve Board of Aldermen meets, potentially in person, on Thursday, May 14.
In addition to debating whether to continue the emergency suspension of meetings, the board sparred over the insurance issue during a 75-minute meeting on Zoom last Thursday night.
Three bills were on the agenda, each authorizing the city to enter into a slightly different agreement with the Missouri Chamber Federation Benefit Plan Trust.
After discussion took place as to whether only one of the three should be voted on and, if so, which, the decision was made to vote on the third bill.
One versionĀ  maintained the same insurance coverage for employees, with the city picking up the 3.2 percent increase in premiums.
Another had the employees picking up the 3.2 percent increase.
The third option, which was picked, saw a 0.3 percent decrease in premiums with changes to the specifics of the policy.

See complete story in the May 6 edition of the Herald.

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