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Letters: Seeking Balanced Reporting On Lawsuits VS. Homeowners Association

To The Editor:
I just wanted to state here that I read the full article in the Herald [April 15 edition regarding lawsuits filed against the 154 Homeowners Association].
I am a tad upset, as anyone can make a motion for a temporary restraining order with their side of the events, but there was zero fair and balanced reporting here.
Not once was I approached for my side of this this article. Seeing how I am named throughout, you would think you would check your sources and report a fair and balanced article. Where one petitioner has stated over and over that “Evers did this or that,” I may have been the author as the [board] secretary because that is my position, but nothing was done with out full majority board approval.
The community would have been better served had this article waited until both sides of the matter was presented in court and both sides of the story told. I implore the Herald not to go the way of so many other journalists and report fair and balanced news, not one sided.
Thank you.
Melissa Evers,
Ste. Genevieve County