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Welch Succeeds Toma As City Administrator

Happy Welch

Martin Toma

Happy Welch took over duties as Ste. Genevieve city administrator last week, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.
By the end of the week, Martin Toma had relinquished all duties to Welch.
Toma, who had held the position since April 2011, had announced plans to retire in early January.
Welch is coming in at a challenging time, with most businesses and organizations shut down — including City Hall.
“You can’t get with people the way you normally would,” Welch said. “It’s been more isolated than it normally would be when starting a job.
“But, it’s been a nice transition. I’ve been able to get around and meet all the department heads and meet the staff. I just haven’t been able to  get out in the community and meet people yet.”
Toma was the longest-tenured city administrator in recent city history, holding the job a full nine years.
In the eight years preceding his hiring, the city had had three other administrators in addition to gaps of 11 months and 15 months without an administrator.
Toma passed the job on to another veteran administrator.
“I am pleased that the city was able to find a competent, experienced administrator to take the position in these difficult times,” Toma said. “I am relieved that I will not have to deal with some of the problems that are looming on the horizon, as the sales taxes decline and hopefully the city will tighten its belts to weather the storm before the economy can recover.”

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