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Health Dept. Advises People To Continue Being Cautious

The Ste. Genevieve County Health Department reported on Friday there were seven positive tests for COVID-19 and 144 negative among the 168 tests that had been performed in the county. Six tests still were pending at that time.
There has been one COVID-19-related death in the county.
The department on its social media page encouraged “citizens of Ste. Genevieve to take a somewhat cautious approach to returning to life as normal.” The department urged people to continue to take precautions in public.
“The slowing of the spread is very likely due to the precautions we all have been taking,” the department wrote. “Please do not be too quick to discard them all at once.”
The health department last week posted additional details on the seventh case, saying it had occurred through contact to a different positive case than the first six “through no fault of their own.” Quarantine was established for the individual prior to the positive test result.
“You may never know when or where you will come in contact with the virus,” the department wrote on social media.

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