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Health Department Braces For Spike In COVID-19 Cases

Sandra Bell, Ste. Genevieve County Health Department administrator, informed the Ste. Genevieve County Commission last Thursday that a key stretch was approaching in regard to the coronavirus known as COVID-19.
“There is evidence that it is starting to spread,” Bell said.
She said she expected Ste. Genevieve County  could have its “spike” in cases “in the next two or three weeks,” which would be the last two weeks of April and possibly the first week in May.
She said the county was behind many Missouri counties in getting its first case. Therefore, its spike would come later than many.
In revised numbers posted Sunday at the the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation website, Missouri had its peak in COVID-19-related deaths with 26 on April 14 and its peak hospital resource use on April 15. The forecast now predicted 362 COVID-19-related deaths in Missouri — down from a forecast of 1,161 a week ago — if social distancing measures continue.
Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson said he thought, “businesses that are open are doing a great job” at social distancing and protecting employees and customers.
“I agree,” Bell said.
She said that while some have questioned Bloomsdale McDonald’s being open for take-out orders, “McDonald’s is doing everything right.”
She said the health department’s Bob Kluender gave advice to businesses that are staying open on how to minimize the spread of the virus. It is a whole new world for both the health department and local businesses.
“We’ve never had to do this before,” Bell said.

See complete story in the April 22 edition of the Herald.

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