Multiple Lawsuits Filed Regarding 154 Homeowners Association Board

Two lawsuits have been filed this month against the 154 Homeowners Association, which is involved in three suits related in some fashion to the makeup of the board of directors.
Former 154 Homeowners Association board member Jerry Coalter filed a suit against the association last week after he was removed from the board by other members on March 26.
Nicholaus Munie filed suit on April 2 after the board had decided he was not in good standing to become a director despite having received the most votes in an election to the board last year.
A lawsuit now in Missouri’s Eastern District of the Court of Appeals questions whether director and board secretary Melissa Evers is eligible to be a member of the board.
That case was filed in September of 2019 in Ste. Genevieve County. The petition alleged that Evers was not eligible to be a director as she had filed a quit-claim deed to convey property to her husband and thus was no longer a lot owner at Grayhawk. Evers filed a deed reformation to correct an error in not conveying the property to herself and her husband, which the court granted and made retroactive, allowing Evers to have standing to be a board member.
Attorney Carl Kinsky, who is involved in all three cases, earlier this month filed a brief in the Court of Appeals on behalf of the appellant, MW West Partnership, Inc.
The respondents, 154 Homeowners Association and Evers, have time to file a brief as well.

See complete story in the April 15 edition of the Herald.

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  1. Kevin Walsh on April 16, 2020 at 5:51 am

    Dear judge, this current board has fleeced us as a group. We all desperately voted Nick Munie and Jerry Coalter in to end their dictatorship of “terony”. They don’t let us have regular meetings, and nepotism has infiltrated our maintenance crew, creating a monopoly for Melissa’s son. They have destroyed the 1/2 million dollar budget, and did virtually no work to benefit the people. Please give Nick Munie and Jerry Coalter the necessary means to complete the job we have voted them in for. Thank you for any help judge, this home is my #1 “investment”💥🇺🇸 Kevin Walsh. 11142 Quail Drive. STE. GENEVIEVE

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