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Equipment Situation Tops Roads Department Report To County Commission

Scott Schmieder, county road and bridge foreman, reported to the Ste. Genevieve County Commission last Thursday, that three dump trucks were in need of repairs.
One truck, a 2017 Freightliner, “has issues” with wiring and/or its electrical system, Schmieder said. The heater and defroster were not working on it. He said it will be addressed as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, a 2012 International “didn’t sound good” and was in the shop in Jackson, awaiting an examination.
A third truck, though, was back in service after having what turned out to be a bad fitting replaced.
Schmieder also reported that the boom mower was ready for the 2020 mowing season.
He also discussed the summer help situation with the County Commission. In the past, three college students were employed as part-time workers during the summer. Since the anticipated drop-off of gas and sales tax revenue is likely to reduce paving to just one road this summer, Schmieder said he would really only be able to use one summer helper. It was agreed that a college student who had worked out extremely well in 2019 and had reapplied would be offered the position.
The commissioners and Schmieder also discussed Colony Church Road, which needs some work. Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson said the county didn’t need to spend too much money on the road. It was agreed that some rock would be put in the potholes. Two tons of rock would cost less than one-fourth what two tons of asphalt would cost, it was reported during the meeting.
Other areas were also brought up that have “mud spots,” including Lawrenceton Cutoff, Misplay Road, Carron Road and Jackson School Road.
“We probably need to back off paving and just get the roads fixed,” Nelson said.
See complete story in the April 8 edition.

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