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A Response To Letter About Trump

To the Editor:
In response to Nancy Gibbs letter to the editor [in the March 18 edition of the Herald], using a few scriptures and putting a twist on them is warned against in the Bible.
The Bible warns against false teachers. In Matthew 4:6 the devil used a Bible verse to try to deceive Jesus.
Donald Trump wasn’t elected to be a spiritual leader, pastor of a church or run a daycare. He must be a strong leader to protect this country which was built on Christian principals. I as a Christian and Bible teacher applaud President Donald Trump because of his pledge to protect our freedom to be Christians, to protect the unborn and our rights to bear arms. In Luke 22:36 Jesus told the disciples to buy a sword. President Donald Trump supports our military. Our military men and women commit their lives to protect our freedom’s. May God bless them.
The Democrats are the party of destruction. I used to be a strong-headed Democrat until I learned how their policies violated the teaching of the Bible. I had to make a decision whether to serve Democrats or God. No one can be a Democrat and make anybody believe they are a real Christian.
In closing I don’t want to share my faith, I want to share the Word of God that has the power to make us free.
Kenny Williams.
St. Mary