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Special Road District A Board Board Will Look At Roads To Determine Priorities, May Work With City On Fourth Street Paving Project

With spring just around the bend, members of the Special Road District A board are gearing up for 2020 overlays and other projects.

The first overlay will be a half-mile of Eisenbeis Bottom Road — separate sections of two-tenths of a mile and three-tenths of a mile — that the district was unable to get to in 2019.

It was agreed that some of the board members and road foreman Paul Bauman will visit and check out roads to determine the priority list following Eisenbeis Bottom.

“I think we should all get together and go ride around,” Bauman said. “I can take you to the worst ones, and you guys can take it from there.”

Board chair Paul Arnold asked Bauman what his opinion was.

“There are some spots on Gisi Road, on the M Road side that’s pretty bad,” Bauman said.

Arnold suggested they go ahead and seek bids on the Eisenbeis Bottom work, then decide on the rest of the list. …

The board discussed a request from the city of Ste. Genevieve to help fund a portion of paving costs for paving North Fourth Street.

They discussed where the district’s portion of the road, which becomes White Sands Road, begins.

Arnold said it was at the water tower.

“It sounds like we maybe need more detail from them and that would maybe justify waiting,” board member Joe Fallert said.

Arnold said he assumed it was all the way to the water tower.

Arnold suggested, “We ought to just continue on and use that as one of our overlays.

“I think we should go ahead and do it,” Fallert said. “We should get with them and see where they’re stopping and what the bid is and whether we can tie a bid in.”

“They’re stopping at the water tower, where ours takes over,” Arnold said.

Fallert suggested a package bid for the parts of the project being pursued.

“So, have a contractor bid both parts, Part A and Part B,” Fallert said. “Then, it would make more sense for us to help them a little bit because we’d be saving on the set-up of all the equipment and moving stuff. So, if the same contractor could do both jobs together, it would make sense.”

Arnold asked if $25,000 had been the annual amount that has normally been given to the city. He was told that it was.

“It might save both parties a little bit if we bid it together,” Fallert said, suggesting the $25,000 could be “our part of the thing.”

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