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Letter: Friends Of Library Seeks To Include Local Authors In Event, Dedicated Area At Library

To the Editor:

I’ve lived in Ste. Genevieve all my life, so when Joe Swope, president of the Friends of the Library, asked me to help him promote a program introducing local book authors/writers to the community, I said sure, figuring it wouldn’t be very hard to identify five or six local authors.

I knew this was personal to him since both his wife Cheryl and his daughter Michelle had published books.

However, as I soon learned, the job to identify all of our local authors wasn’t going to be a cake walk. The first two weeks of investigating proved the number of authors was up to 15; the next two weeks produced six more.

Currently, we are at 26 and still discovering more.

The library director, Shawn Long, has been very supportive of our endeavor to showcase Ste. Gen.’s local authors and has a dedicated area in our library at the community center for the local authors.

When Joe and I finally feel we’re done identifying as many writers and have been able to communicate with them, our intentions are to host an evening with these writers and showcase them and their books. That date is still undecided.

In order not to overlook any of our local authors, please check the current list next time you are at the library, and if you are aware of a local author/writer we’ve omitted, please let a library staff member know who we’ve left off the list.

Jerry Lemon” Klein,

Ste. Genevieve,

Friends of the Library member

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