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Donzes Discuss Process For Developing Master Plan For City Parks

Nick and Mary Donze of Donze Park Planning LLC reviewed a parks survey/questionnaire with members of the city of Ste. Genevieve’s Parks and Recreation board during that group’s monthly meeting on February 25.

The board had previously voted to have the Donzes create a master plan for the city’s parks, at no charge other than expenses.

Nick Donze spent 35 years in the parks and recreation field, including 14 years in Jefferson City, 10 years as assistant director/acting director in St. Charles County and five years with the city of St. Charles.

Mary Donze, meanwhile, spent 35 years with Missouri State Parks as a planner.

Mary Donze emphasized that public input is required to have a shot at any federal grants for non-emergency projects such as parks.

City administrator Martin Toma has also stressed at past meetings the importance of public input.

Mary Donze said she had always stressed the importance of surveys during her years of dealing with community park boards.

“What we would suggest when they were trying to put grants together was, ‘You’ve got to scrape up some money for a survey or some professional assistance to help you through this,’” she said. “I’m looking at this from the federal grant standpoint. You have to document that there’s a need, a public need.

“You have to be able to point to something that says, ‘We asked the public and this is what they want.’ So, that’s always where I’m coming at it from. If you’re going to apply for grant money, which I think you stand a really good chance at in the future, proving to the federal government and to the state of Missouri, who evaluates this, that you listened to your public and you know what they want is necessary. And, you’re providing facilities that are going to be used.”

See complete story in the March 4 edition of the Herald.

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