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Doctors Talk About Vaping, Coronavirus At SGCMH Women’s Health Fair

Three Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital (SGCMH) doctors talked about the dangers of vaping and advised people about steps to take with the flu and coronavirus spreading during a roundtable that concluded the Women’s Health Fair at the hospital.

Drs. Susan O’Donnell, Matthew Bosner and Cristella Torres participated in the panel discussion that was scheduled to talk about vaping.

However, with fears about the coronavirus looming around the world, Bosner and O’Donnell took time to address the steps that can help limit a person’s exposure to the virus.

Bosner talked about the spread of the virus around the world and in the United States.

“We don’t know exactly how it’s going to effect the states,” Bosner said.

Bosner said isolation was a key part for infected people not to spread the disease.

“Your best bet is to stay home, if you can tolerate it keep your fluids down, and eat as much as  you can,” Bosner said. “Keep your favor under control.”

He said unless a patient or vomiting or has diarrhea, they should stay home rather than go to the hospital.

“Public exposure is a public health risk for expanding the virus,” Basler said. “Also, in the hospital, only if you are severely ill can we help you with giving you intravenous fluids. There’s no medication treatment for the coronavirus. We have no anti-viral treatment right now. There’s no vaccine available.”

Bosner said it is highly recommended everyone get a flu shot. He said there is another little surge of flu going around, and catching that flu can compromise the immune system if the coronavirus does come into the area.

“Flu shots are really, really important, especially this year,” he reiterated.

See complete story in the March 4 edition of the Herald.

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