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Levee District 3’s Pump Should Be Put Back In Place This Week

After several months, Levee District 3 will be getting one of its Flygt PL7121 pumps back from Vandevanter Engineering of Fenton on February 26.

An earlier installation was planned, but details could not be worked out in time to have a crane on site. The crane will be needed to lift the pump and place it back into its compartment at the pump station.

“The pump is done. Everything’s supposed to be all kosher with it now,” pump station operator Norm Gallup reported at  the Levee District 3 board meeting on February 18. “We were going to put it in this Wednesday, but it was too close for the crane service, so we moved it back a week.”

See complete story on Levee District 3 in the February 26 edition of the Herald.

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