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Kirberg Awarded Contract For R-II School District’s Roofing Repair Work

Kirberg Company was awarded the roof repair contract at the February 18 meeting of the Ste. Genevieve R-II School District’s Board of Education.

The St. Louis firm bid $58,450 for the job, lowest among six bidders.

The board also approved the district’s 2020-21 calendar and changes to its Comprehensive School Improvement Plan [CSIP].

Dr. Julie Flieg, superintendent of schools, explained that the current project will replace the roof on the addition that connects the high school to the middle school.

“This is the area that needs the new roofing,” Flieg said. “It is out of warranty. Typically, we can do some patchwork here and there and extend the warranty, but there are no more extensions.”

She said a decision was made to wait on re-roofing the area around the Ste. Genevieve Elementary gym.

“I believe  their subcommittee is looking at proposing some changes to the gym,” Flieg said.

She said the district requested bids for doing the project both during the summer and while school was in session. To Flieg’s surprise, most of the bidders gave identical figures for both.

Frederic Company, Inc., bid $92,450  in the summer and $91,350 during the school year; Jim Taylor, Inc., bid $81,677 for either time; Shay Roofing, Inc., bid $71,257 in the summer and $68,694 during school; Bartch Roofing bid $69,800 for either; and Lakeside Roofing bid $105,488 for a summer job and $101,488 during school.

The bids are for labor only. The district will supply the materials. Bids will be sought separately on the materials.

“We can get a better discount than letting them get the material,” she noted.

See complete coverage in the February 26 edition of the Herald.

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