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Repairing Boom Mower Cheaper Than Replacing It For Special Road District A

Special Road District A will need to invest about $3,500 to repair its 16-year-old boom mower this spring.

Road foreman Paul Bauman reported during the district board’s February 11 meeting that the mower needs new front tires and a new fuel tank. The fuel tank will be about $1,000.

The board members had been anticipating having to replace the tires, but not the fuel tank.

Bauman said his crew had just removed the old fuel tank.

“It’s got a big crack in it,” he said.

Chairman Paul Arnold asked him if repairing the tank was feasible.

“It’s going to be hard to fix that one,” Bauman said. “It’s on the side and the strap’s there, holding it on.”

Bauman said two cylinders have been rebuilt on the 2004 mower, with one yet to be done. Welding is also being done on the deck.

“It’ll be in pretty good shape then,” Bauman said.

“That thing takes a beating,” Arnold said.

Bauman said the repairs still will be less expensive than buying a new boom mower.

See complete story in the February 19 edition of the Herald.

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