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Letter: Welcoming Sheriff To Republican Party

To the Editor:

I’m glad Sheriff [Gary] Stolzer has joined the Republican Party.

Yes, the radicals have taken over the Democratic Party.

I switched over with President Reagan; and in Jefferson County, per the Leader, every week the cops will arrest a bad guy. Then, after most are freed on bail, they will commit more crimes. Then when a  judge will sentence them, sometimes to 15 to 20 years in prison, they will add, “If you promise to be good you can get out in 120 days.” Guess what? You bet I’ll be good and then go out and go back to more crimes.

It’s the judges that should be held accountable for their lack of a backbone and get voted out of office.

Thank God we have people like Sheriff Gary Stolzer, and the NRA that will protect the honest people’s right to keep our guns.

Nobody cares about the victims anymore.

Jim Gibson,


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