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Letter: Heritage Commission’s Decision To Preserve Portion Of Chimney Did Not Go Far Enough

To the Editor:

I am as surprised as anyone to find myself writing to say that a recent decision made by the Heritage Commission did not go far enough.

I’m referring to the Certificate of Appropriateness approved to remove the brick stack (that has the “Welcome to Ste. Genevieve” sign attached) from the former Amoco station across from City Hall. It’s my understanding that, simply put, the Heritage Commission’s purpose is to keep this town’s architecture as historically accurate as possible. While the commission usually deals with 18th and 19th century buildings, the building in question is a wonderful example of a mid-20th century commercial building. If you do not believe this, I refer you to Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterwork, Fallingwater; the similarities are obvious.

I know that the commission suggested that the stack not be reduced beyond a detail on the stack in case someone in the future wanted to rebuild it, but by taking it that close to the roof, it loses all its character. It would be akin to adding a second story to the Amoureux House, acknowledging that it could be removed later.

Better to raze 380 Market Street than to desolate it.

Suzanne Thompson,

Ste. Genevieve

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