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Elected Officials Report On Various Projects; Government Day Set For April 23

Elected county officials conducted their monthly meeting during the February 10 Ste. Genevieve County Commission meeting.

Each official made a brief report on concerns or on recent progress.

Second District County Commissioner Joe Gettinger detailed the work being done on the county recycling center. The roof, gutters and soffits all had to be repaired or replaced. Gettinger said it had been decided to do all the work at one time, and that about two days of work remained.

He also said a $19,000 grant would help defray some of the cost. …

Gettinger also said he had been approached with a complaint that county cars were parked around the Church of Ste. Genevieve, making it difficult for the elderly and others to find parking during funerals and church services.

Circuit Court Clerk Julie Bova reported that County Government Day for the local high schools will be Thursday, April 23. She said the April date was necessary because Prosecuting Attorney Wayne Williams would be trying four cases in February, three in March and one [so far] in April, thus tying up the courtroom, which is used during County Government Day.

See complete story in the February 19 edition of the Herald.

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