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Steel Plating For New Bourbon Port’s Dock Must Wait Until River Level Falls

With engineer Chris Koehler unable to attend the January 22 New Bourbon Regional Port Authority meeting, reports on activities were generally brief.

Chairman Ron Inman reported that Alberici Corporation removed its equipment from the site since the river is still too high to finish the protective steel plating project at the port dock.

In December, Koehler had reported that the company was ready to install the  protective steel sheeting on the dock once the river dropped enough. The steel sheeting had been prefabricated and was ready for installation.

The river, however, has not taken its usual winter plunge into the low teens. The river level needs to be down to about 14 feet before the sheeting can be attached to the dock. It dropped below 20 feet last Friday, but was expected to be back up to 22.7 feet by the middle of this week.

See complete story in the January 29 edition of the Herald.

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