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Priorities, Goals Established For County’s Road Paving Program For 2020

Charter Church Road, Saline Creek Road, Gillespie Road and Coffman Road will be the top four paving priorities for Ste. Genevieve County in 2020.

The County Commission went over their list of roads with road bridge foreman Scott Schmieder during last Thursday’s Commission meeting to hammer out the list.

Those roads total 7.1 miles, with Saline Creek Road’s 3.55 miles of gravel road left to pave being the longest. Charter Church Road is 1.6 miles.

If time, weather and money permit, the next roads on the list will be Brushy Creek Road (2.39 miles), Smith Road (0.91 miles), Westover Road (0.68) and possibly White Oak Road (1.3).

Others still needing to be paved, but unlikely to get done in 2020, include Gegg Road, Brown Road, Bauer Road, Avon Road, Tower Road, Salem School Road, Roth Cemetery Road and Patt Road.

It was also noted that Lawrenceton Cutoff needs an overlay.

In recent years, the commission has set 20 miles of paving per year as the annual goal.

The closest it came was 18.3 miles in 2017.

Bad weather and storm damage repairs have kept the crews from paving anywhere near that figure since then. Last week, Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson said that 20 miles is not a realistic goal.

See complete story in the January 1 edition of the Herald.

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