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Bloomsdale Aldermen Pass Hardship Clause For City Codes

Bloomsdale residents facing financial hardships may get a break in keeping their property up to the letter of the city code from now on.

The Bloomsdale Board of Aldermen passed the first reading of a resolution at its December 10 meeting, granting variances in meeting the code  “where the city finds that extraordinary hardships or practical difficulties may result from strict compliance with the regulations” in the city code book.

Mayor Paul Monia clarified that neighbors of applicants for the hardship provision would have some say in the decision.

“Granting that variance will be based, in my opinion, on the adjacent landowners’ thoughts,” Monia said. “It’s their right. …”

“They would have to agree to it,” city clerk Lynnette Randoll added.

“Is it like a majority on that agreement?” Ward 2 Alderman Chris “Sappy” Basler asked.

“I think it would be,” Monia said, although he said the board would have the final say.

“But, if the adjacent landowner says, ‘Absolutely not’?” Basler asked.

“Then you’re going to be hard-pressed to get me to agree to it,” Monia said.

“Gotcha,” Basler replied.

See complete story in the December 18 edition of the Herald.

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