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Valle Announces First Quarter Virtue Award Winners

Valle Catholic Grade School is continuing its approach to disciplining children called Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline. Restorative practices can offer teachers and students a foundation with which to build, maintain and restore relationships. Through teacher guidance, students seek to understand how their behavior could have been different using the virtues as a target to strive toward. These virtues include: fortitude, justice, prudence, integrity, friendship, compassion, truthfulness, generosity, unity and loyalty. Staff members continue to be on the lookout for students practicing virtues and hand out Virtue Awards. Students are recognized each quarter, and their name is put into a drawing for a treat from principal Amanda Overmann. Students honored for the first quarter: Colby Kutz, Isaac Klein, Jaida Fallert, Ava Seib, Ada Bley, Bryce Litterst, Ben Calbreath, Eli Wehner, Lucas Drury, Evan Fallert, Addison Donze and Audrey McDowell. (Photo, information from Valle Catholic Schools)

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