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Silver Sycamore Features Work Of Various Artists

Ste. Genevieve natives Leon Basler, Lynn Rose Terry and Tom Hogenmiller, along with Tom’s wife Julia, have recently taken over the building at Third and Market — formerly Rhinehart’s and Rhinehart’s Gallery — and are operating it as Silver Sycamore a Gallery of Fine Art.

Terry, a vocalist who performs with Jack Koetting and Jen Wood, is a lifelong resident of Ste. Genevieve.

Basler and Tom Hogenmiller left Ste. Genevieve more than 50 years ago and moved back home again around the same time, approximately three years ago. Upon their return to Ste. Genevieve, they reunited and renewed their friendships.

Basler, an accomplished artist, aviator and photographer, is always on the go and working to pursue his many passions in life.  His artwork was represented, along with the work of fellow Ste. Genevieve native M. Charles Rhinehart and his wife Lavetta, at the former Rhinehart’s and Rhinehart’s Gallery.

When the Rhinehart sons — Matt, Mark and James — wanted a change from running their gallery, Basler didn’t want to lose a great piece of history or the legacy of M. Charles Rhinehart.

Basler realizes the extraordinary talent that lives in Ste. Genevieve and its surrounding areas and embarked on his mission — to help preserve the history of Ste. Genevieve’s art community and keep the gallery open.

He hopes to help his many artists with their amazing skill sets and imagination showcase their works and offer others an opportunity to own a piece of their works.

Basler currently has 17 artists, all offering unique art pieces and processes, that he is proudly representing in addition to his own works of art.

The gallery will feature the work of artists M. Charles Rhinehart, Lavetta Rhinehart, Ali Cavanaugh, Don Langeneckert, Janice Nabors Raiteri, Diane Wilson and Rick Bayers; woodturning by Mike Uding; photography by Erich Vieth and Tom Hogenmiller; pottery by Randy and Mieka Ingram, Jon Bybee and Taylor Emery; textile art by Joyce Pierson; jewelry art by Debbie Schmidt; and wood sculpting by Tammy Vernon Weiler and Fred White.

The gallery plans to expand its showings to the second floor in the not-too-distant future, where it will have a permanent display honoring the legacy of M. Charles Rhinehart. The gallery also plans to offer different types of classes.

Basler wants the gallery to be a welcoming place where their customers are free to wander, enjoy the work and find something special to take home.

(Information from the Silver Sycamore.)

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