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St. Agnes Students Visit One-Room Schoolhouse In Lawrenceton

Debra Klahs’s third-grade class from St. Agnes School in Bloomsdale took its annual field trip to the Lawrenceton One-Room Schoolhouse on November 8. Students dressed in clothes that were reminiscent of the early 1900s. They brought lunch pails, knapsacks and baskets filled with dried fruits, nuts, cheese, jerky, and biscuits. One student had her grandmother’s original oval lunch tin. They learned about what school would have been like in the one-room schoolhouse. Students practiced their school work on slates and learned about classroom rules and chores. During recess they played popular games of that time. Klahs first started taking students to Lawrenceton 10 years ago when she was teaching fourth grade. She said third and fourth grades are perfect ages for this field trip, as the students really get into pretending that they have traveled back in time. She believes any grade would enjoy visiting the school and church because of its rich history. Lawrenceton residents Pershing and Venita Carron always give the students a lesson about the school, church and cemetery. Pershing Carron attended the school in the 1940s. They said they would love to have more schools use this as a resource for their history lessons. (Photos, information from St. Agnes School)

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