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Weiss Resigns From St. Mary Board; Helms Recommends Duda But Bader Holds Off On Appointment

Jennifer Weiss resigned from the St. Mary Board of Aldermen last week, saying she could no longer “fulfill the obligations this position requires.”

Fellow Ward 1 Alderman Brian Helms presented the correspondence from Weiss, which listed last Thursday as the date her resignation was effective. Helms also recommended Dr. Zenon Duda as a replacement, but Mayor Gloria Bader declined to make a nomination during last Thursday’s Board of Aldermen meeting.

A water bill from the city sent to Weiss recently came back and had to be re-directed to an address in Fulton, Missouri.

Weiss in her letter of resignation said her husband accepted a new position that required some travel.

“This change impacts me as well,” Weiss wrote, “so I will not be able to give the time needed to fulfill the obligations this position requires.

“It has been an honor to serve on the board. Personally, my areas of concern have been put into place with a balanced budget and plans for beautification are in process. As a homeowner and taxpayer these are still important to me and I look forward to changes in the community.”

The board accepted her resignation.

Helms said he also received an e-mail from Duda, who expressed his interest in the position.

“I love my little community and would consider it an honor to be able to give to it in this way,” Duda wrote. “I have high hopes for this community and am aware of the challenges.”

Helms moved to appoint Duda, but Bader said other input was needed.

Helms said Duda has been a resident of St. Mary for about 17 years. Duda has a podiatry practice in Cape Girardeau.

“He’s worked with us on the tree planting we did last year,” Helms said. “He’s a sculptor, and he has three properties here. One is the old Methodist church where he has a gallery. I find him to be of good reputation, and a good citizen of St. Mary.”

Bader said, “My opinion is, and this is just mine, that we should wait and not do it right off the bat like that, that fast, and see if anybody else is interested.”

See complete story in the November 20 edition of the Herald.

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