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Bloomsdale Elementary Opens Sensory Hallway

Students at Bloomsdale Elementary now have another outlet for their energy throughout the day outside of recess and gym class: their brand new Sensory Hallway.

The concept has been implemented in many schools as research has shown that physical activity can improve behavior, stress levels and academic performance. Through these sensory exercises, students focus their movements, breathing and spatial awareness.

When a student may need to refocus or expend excess energy, the Sensory Hallway is a space where they are encouraged to hop, skip, crab-walk, do wall push-ups and many other activities by following the directions on the stickers. The hallway also works well as a “wake-up” space for a class and provides a way for students to be more active on their way to and from various classes.

Not only does the hallway offer easy-to-follow directions for movement, but it also reinforces the students’ Leader In Me learning, because at the end of the path, students hop through eight bubble stickers where they can read aloud the words: “I am … Brilliant, Creative, Imaginative, Loved, Brave, Powerful, Worth It, I am calm. I am a Leader.”

(Information in a release from the Ste. Genevieve R-II School District.)

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