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Two Trucks, Grader Back In Service For County Road Dept. But Skid Steer Now In Need Of Repair

While two dump trucks and a grader were back in service after being in the shop, Ste. Genevieve County road and bridge foreman Scott Schmieder told the County Commission last Thursday that the department’s skid steer may be disabled for some time.

The skid steer is out of commission until the part can be replaced in the fuel depth tank.

Schmieder said Fabick Tractor Company personnel were not sure when they can get the part. It may be on back order, in which case, it could be 30 to 35 days before it comes in.

The skid steer would be valuable this month for using the broom attachment on roads.

“I’d like to be brooming stuff while it’s cool and nothing sticks,” Schmieder said.

Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson asked Schmieder if he had considered asking Fabick about getting a “loaner” skid steer to use until this one is replaced. [It is still under warranty.] Schmieder said he had not, but that he would see about it.

“It would be easier to go pick one up,” Nelson said.

Schmieder, meanwhile, said the bills for the truck repairs were “scary.” For example, it cost $7,489 to repair a 2011 Freightliner.

Nelson said the thousands of dollars a year being spent on repairing and maintaining the county’s aging fleet of dump trucks makes the decision to get three new trucks important.

Two trucks have already been ordered from TAG Truck Center, while the third one will be ordered once the next grant call is made, probably in January. The county has to wait, since the grant money cannot be used to toward previous purchases.

See complete story in the November 13 edition of the Herald.

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