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Jour De Fete Committee Fills Two Of Three Vacancies At November Meeting

The Jour de Fete Committee added two board members by election during its monthly meeting last Thursday at Cafe Genevieve, but the board still is one short of its seven-person maximum.

The board also is hoping to replace on officer position, as treasurer Joan Noll and secretary/crafts chairperson Brenda Hayden, are stepping down from their positions. Hayden’s two duties are being split into two roles. Tim Conley also retired from the board after the 2019 Jour de Fete.

Noll and Hayden said they would stay around to train replacements for the 2020 event.

But the future of Jour de Fete beyond 2020 is dependent on getting the secretary’s position filled.

Victoria Heil was elected to the craft chairperson’s position, and Abigail Kern was elected in absentia as the treasurer.

“We’re still up in the air after 2020 without a secretary,” said Jour de Fete board president Jami Inman. “If it’s not filled in February, 2020 will be the last Jour de Fete.”

The committee had informational meetings in September and October to explain the officers’ duties and the importance of Jour de Fete for the community and various organizations that raise funds with events, food booths and beer gardens.

The committee typically does not meet in December and January, though Inman said some small gatherings may take place to begin the process of training Heil and Kern for their roles.

See complete story in the November 13 edition of the Herald.

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