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Delta Regional Authority Grant Will Help Pay For Water Connection Between PWSD, City Of Ste. Genevieve

Steve Wilson, local manager for Alliance Water Resources, and Margaret Yates, grant specialist for the Southeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission (SEMO RPC), were both at last Thursday’s Ste. Genevieve County Commission meeting to discuss the emergency valve to connect Public Water Supply District (PWSD) No.1 and Ste. Genevieve city water systems on Highway 32.

The county has been awarded a $65,528 Delta Regional Authority grant to help pay for the valve, which will allow city water to supply the county or vice versa should either system encounter a problem.

Water outages in the Progress Parkway area have taken place in recent years, leaving the new Riverview at the Park nursing facility, the Wynncrest apartment complex and the Ste. Genevieve County Community Center without water.

The problem should also be addressed by the water tower constructed behind the community center this year.

The emergency valve will provide further assurance of uninterrupted water service for that area.

Wilson said he had been discussing placement of the valve with Ben Weiler, PWSD manager. They agreed that near the rear of the community center would be the best location.

The two systems connecting have different size lines. Wilson said Alliance’s pipes are 10 inches and PWSD’s are two or four inches.

“The water problem up there should be history,” Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson said.

There have been problems.

Wilson recalled a firefighting exercise held in that part of town that had to be canceled due to lack of water.

They also discussed details of implementing the project, including getting requests for qualifications for engineering work. Yates said regular procurement policies should be used.

The money will flow through County Treasurer Sara Hoog’s office when it comes. Hoog also stopped in to discuss the particulars.

The county’s $17,143 share will be made up of in-kind work, including salaries and equipment use.

See complete story in the October 30 edition of the Herald.

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