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Alberici Set To Begin Installing Steel Dock Facing In Early November

Alberici Corporation will start installing sections of protective steel dock facing on the dock at the Port of New Bourbon during the first week of November. They have been welding large sections together at the site.

“They’re working four tens [four ten-hour days], 40 hours because some of their welders are staying down here,” New Bourbon Regional Port Authority board president Ron Inman reported at the October 23 board meeting. “They’re fabricating a sheet that’s 20 feet tall out of stuff that’s down there and they’re going to hang a whole 20-foot section.”

“They’re hoping by the fourth or fifth [of November], that that water will be down to where that first section will go on there. To finish the bottom section it needs to get to 15. I don’t know if it’s going to get there or not.”

He noted that the Mississippi River gauge at Chester, Illinois, was at 29 feet that day.

Alberici’s bid was the lowest of seven bidders to install the smooth metal dock facing, at $474,590.

See complete story in the October 30 edition of the Herald.

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