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Special Road District A Switches Gears From Paving To Patching For Fall

Special Road District A will focus on patching cracks in paved roads the remainder of the fall rather than attempting any more paving projects.

Road foreman Paul Bauman reported that his crew has been sealing cracks and mowing, using the county’s Duropatcher whenever it has been available.

He said they have used it on Bourbon and Quarry Town roads and had started on Industrial River Road.

“With the Duropatcher, we fill in the alligator cracks, the spots that’s really busted up,” Bauman said.

Overlaying will need to be addressed in 2020, though.

“Next year we’re going have to do more overlaying,” Bauman said. “There’s plenty to be overlaid.”

Bauman said his crews have also been mowing and hauling rock to Cottonwoods Road. Bauman estimated the district will have about $30,000 invested in repairing Cottonwoods Road, including material and equipment. It is hoped the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will pay 75 percent of that. If so, the reimbursement would still not be received this year, leaving the district with limited funds.

“So that kind of answers the question,” board president Paul Arnold said. “There won’t be any more overlays this year.”

See complete story in the October 16 edition of the Herald.

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