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Final Waterpark Construction Items Reviewed

The Ste. Genevieve County Commission went through a final “punch list” for the River Rapids Waterpark with Brockmiller Construction, the construction manager at risk on the project.

The $10 million park, which opened in July, closed for the year in early September after drawing huge crowds.

Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson said most of the items on the list were “nickel and dime stuff,” like additional grass seeding and a couple of pool lights.

The only serious issue, he said, was the design of the slide in the children’s pool. There is no way to let winter surface water that may come in from rain or snow to drain out. Therefore the danger exists of it freezing and eventually cracking the pool and creating a leak.

“It’s not something that would happen the first winter,” Nelson said, “but it might over time.”

The final portion of the bill due to Brockmiller was $419,889. A Brockmiller representative had previously said a $50,000 “retainage fee” would suffice, but Nelson said he would rather go through a punch list and pay off the remaining amount.

See complete story in the October 9 edition of the Herald.

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