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Pump Repair, Computer System Top Levee District 3 Business

How to address a need for pump repair and computer upgrades on Urban Design Levee pump house equipment were the main items for Levee District 3 board during its September 9 meeting.

Pump station operator Norm Gallup reported that Joe Beffa of Vandevanter Engineering had sent a letter concerning one of the pump station’s Flygt PL7121 pumps

“The Pump 1 preliminary results indicate the unit will require bearings, seals and some power cable,” Gallup read from Beffa’s letter.

It must also be determined if any motor work is required.

“They’re holding off on the invoice, what’s owed to them, until this is all cleared up on Pump 1,” Gallup said.

Vandevanter Engineering is proposing $88,691 for an upgrade and regular maintenance work.

Gallup called that figure “extremely high.”

Any repairs on the pump itself would be additional.

“They’re wanting to completely redo it,” Gallup said. “We did talk to a local guy that does do the same type of work and he said that was no problem. That current PLC [programmable logic controller] we have down there is still a good one and is still currently produced. All we need to do is upgrade some stuff on it, and that would be a lot cheaper.”

See complete story in the September 18 edition of the Herald.

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