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Library Director Updates County Commission On Programs, Activities

Shawn Long, director of the Ste. Genevieve County Library, gave an update on various items to the County Commission during last Thursday’s commission meeting.

Long said he had been finalizing details with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) for a sign at the community center to identify the library entrance. He said it will say “County Library.”

Long said some paperwork needs to be finalized and it will probably take about a month to get the sign installed.

Complaints had previously been made that patrons had trouble locating the library at the community center.

Long also reported that a roofer had examined the ceiling in the library and said it should have three to five years left in it.

Long also listed recent library activities.

One has been the addition of the Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library, a free service offered to Missouri library patrons. It will give patrons an opportunity to access books on tape, in large print and in Braille.

Long said the demand for large-print books here is growing and that “it’s hard to keep up.

He said he intends to add two to three large-print books per month.

He said July was “a really good month,” with more than 200 people taking part in the library’s activities.

More than 50 attended the Harry Potter Birthday Night.

He said his drive to sign people up for library cards had so far resulted in 272 new card-holders, with 55 coming on board in June.

He said the state is switching its Evergreen library exchange system from MOBIUS to Equinox. Because of this, the Evergreen system will be down on August 30.

See complete story in the August 21 edition of the Herald.

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