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Truck Breakdown Leaves Only Four In Operation For County Road Department

Scott Schmieder, Ste. Genevieve County’s road and bridge foreman, reported to the County Commission last Thursday that a 2012 International truck had broken down, leaving the department with just four operable trucks.

Schmieder said he would call Kueker Truck Repair, just across the Perry County line, to see if they have a computer they can bring to the road and bridge shed to monitor the truck.

He agreed with the commissioners that four trucks was not enough to keep up with the county’s paving demands as it tries to catch up on its 2019 paving goals.

Schmieder also reported that Carron Road should be ready for paving by the end of that week.

Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson reminded Schmieder that cash flow is tight at the moment, as the county waits on federal reimbursement of about $297,000 for the $341,000 bridge it put in over Saline Creek in Minnith and on $140,000 on a grader buyback from Erb Equipment.

“Sales tax receipts were down $54,000 [through the first half of the year],” Nelson said. “We’re not broke, just a little tight.”

He said a grant to help pay for a new dump truck would also be arriving early in 2020.

See complete story in the August 14 edition of the Herald.

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