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Second Reading On Ste. Genevieve Municipal Court Fees Put Off To Next Meeting

Ste. Genevieve aldermen unanimously approved a bill on first reading allowing the city to collect municipal court fees, some of them new.  

Initially, the bill was scheduled for a first and second reading but discussion during last Thursday’s meeting led to only a first reading being given.

Ward 3 Alderman Jimmie Jones asked if the cost will be passed on to the person getting the ticket. Attorney Mark Bishop said the fees would be paid by the defendant.

He said the court automation fee and the sheriff’s retirement fund are the only new fees being added at this time.

“All the rest of these have already been adopted and approved,” Bishop said. “I suggested we put them all in one ordinance because the court cost ordinance has to be quoted to OSCA [the State Office of Court Administration], and so they requested documentation. It would be easier if we just put it in one ordinance.”

The court costs had been $12 and were increasing to $15.

The new fee structure totals $38.50 worth of fees per case, including $15 for court costs, a $7 automation fee, $3 for police training, $7.50 for the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, $1 to the Domestic Shelter Fund, $3 to the Sheriff’s Retirement Fund and $2 to the Inmate Security Fund.

Whatever fee the county chooses to add to the ticket will also be included.

The County Commission was leaning toward a $5 fee initially.

Bishop said there has been some debate about whether the Sheriff’s Retirement Fund charge should be applied on municipal court cases. Since the local municipal court is being transferred to the 24th Circuit Court, Bishop feels there should be no controversy.

Ward 1 Alderwoman Susie Johnson, who works in the Circuit Clerk’s Office, said there is no rush on passing the bill.

See complete story in the August 14 edition of the Herald.

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