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Future County Road Projects Will Be Decided Soon

Which roads will be paved following Madden Creek Road will be decided after Ste. Genevieve County road and bridge foreman Scott Schmieder returns from vacation.

The Ste. Genevieve County Commission discussed some options during last Thursday’s meeting.

Acting supervisor Ronnie Karl reported by phone that Madden Road was nearly ready for paving. He told them the 2.3-mile section will “be dang close” to ready to pave the week of August 5. He said it might take two days that week to have it ready.

That prompted the commissioners to ponder where to pave next.

Carron Road, which runs west from Highway 61 north of Bloomsdale, and Coffman Road, in the southern half of the county, were the top two candidates.

Carron Road will get a chip-and-seal paving on a two-mile stretch, while one-half mile of Coffman Road will get asphalt.

It was noted that the road crew will be using emulsions, not oil, making them less dependent on needing hot days to work. Therefore, they should be able to pave well into the fall.

Saline Creek Road would probably come after Carron and Coffman, although it is not likely it will get paved this year. An embankment will need to be removed and some other preparation work will have to be done there.

The commissioners agreed to put off the decision until they discussed it with Schmieder, who was scheduled to return from vacation on August 5.

See complete story in the August 7 edition of the Herald.

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