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Project Pioneer: Cardinals Tickets, Promotional Basket Will Be Raffled During Jour De Fete

Baseball has always been an important aspect in the lives of the Schmelzle family. To highlight this, Debbie Pfaff, director of sales and marketing administration for the St. Louis Cardinals organization and a Schmelzle family descendant, will display an enlarged 90th Bernhard Schmelzle family photo with more than 100 relatives, including three Zell baseball players, at the Project Pioneer  display during Jour de Fete.

Also, some other Zell baseball team photos will be exhibited and included in the Schmelzle book.

The birthday photo, along with a related newspaper article enlarged by Bill Naeger, will make up the exhibit. One hint: The late Rev. Leo Schmelzle is shown as a youth in baseball uniform in the photo.

Anyone who is able to correctly “guess” the identity of someone in these baseball photos can place his or her name in a Cardinals Promotional Basket Drawing.

One person whose name is drawn will receive four Cardinals tickets, a certificate plus a pre-game field visit, along with a promotional basket of Cardinal paraphernalia.

Jour de Fete will be Saturday, August 10, and Sunday, August 11, with activities including opening ceremonies that honor the Project Pioneer families.

In addition to the Schmelzle/Schmidt (German) family, the Misplait/Misplay (French) families will be honored.

The Project Pioneer headquarters will be in the basement of the Centre for French Colonial Life, 198 Market St. at the intersection with Second Street.

Final Project Pioneer Meeting Set For August 3

One meeting remains this season for this year’s Project Pioneer families.

The meeting will take place at 9 a.m. on Saturday, August 3, at the Centre For French Colonial Life.

Only minor corrections will be accepted at this meeting and final plans for the event will be made.

For more information on Project Pioneer, visit

Project Pioneer Book Orders Must Be In by August 2


This week is the final time to order books on the Project Pioneer families to ensure delivery on Jour de Fete weekend.

Prices have been set at: $25 for the Schmidt book, $40 for the Schmelzle book, and $20 for the Misplay book.

Orders must be in before Friday, August 2, by calling Jean Pettus at 883-3925.

A few extras will be printed, but the only way to ensure you’ll get your copy is by pre-ordering.

(Information in releases from Project Pioneer.)

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