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Grayhawk Development Reps Reach Out To Sheriff’s Office For Advice

Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff Gary Stolzer met with Chuck Reed and Keith Woodruff of Grayhawk Development during last Thursday’s County Commission meeting.

Reed and Woodruff said they wanted to develop better communication with the Sheriff’s Office.

“We want to work better with the Sheriff’s Department,” Woodruff said. “We need you.”

He said he had run into a “stone wall” trying to call the Sheriff’s Office. Stolzer said he had never had complaints about anyone trying unsuccessfully to reach his office. Woodruff said he had left several messages for one deputy. Stolzer gave him the dispatch number and said it was better not to request a specific deputy. That way whoever was available would be quick to get back with them.

Reed and Woodruff complained of “bullies” among the Grayhawk community, making things tough for others. They said those people were doing doughnuts with vehicles in a field.

During the conversation, Stolzer stressed that his personnel cannot enforce Grayhawk regulations.

“We can enforce state law,” Stolzer said. “If they knock down your gate or do property damage, or for theft, we can do something. We cannot enforce home-owners association rules like speeding and trespassing.”

He suggested they see how successful developments have tackled the security issue.

They all agreed that the former Rocky Ridge is a different place than it had been in recent years.

Woodruff said they are building a new community “from the ground up” and would love to get guidance from the Sheriff’s Office on security tactics and how to deal with difficult residents.

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