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Chadwell Lane Details, Other Street Priorities Hammered Out

Chadwell Lane will get two inches of asphalt overlay all the way to the low-water crossing as part of the Chadwell Lane/Highway 61 intersection project.

The Ste. Genevieve Board of Aldermen last Thursday approved a change order in the contract with Jokerst, Inc., to include the extra overlay for an additional $20,400.

The board also approved four 2020 paving projects, totaling $170,300.

“I say, go,” Ward 2 Alderman Michael “Buck” Jokerst said.

“We have the funds,” city administrator Martin Toma said. “The money’s there, in the transportation fund.”

“We’re going to have to come up with some more money [for Chadwell],” Mayor Paul Hassler said. “We got the $65,[000] or $70,000 from the Special Road, but that bid came in … at $136[,191]. So then you’re going add $20[,000] to it, so that’s an offset. We’ll have to take it out of the Capital Improvement Fund.” …

Field operations supervisor Gary Roth’s recommendations for overlays were approved. They include Cedar Lane from Sycamore to Walnut, Seraphin Street from Fourth to just past South Main, Fourth Street from state maintenance at the end of Highway 32 to just past Washington, and Third Street from Merchant to Jefferson.

The cost for the overlays are estimated at $170,300.

“Again, the funds are available,” Toma said, “without using that capital improvement reserve.”

Hassler said he would like to overlay Cedar Lane all the way to Highway 32.

See complete story in the July 31 edition of the Herald.

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