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Shrum Will Check Into Prices For All-Wheel Drive Ford Transit For Ambulance District

Ste. Genevieve Ambulance District executive director Kendall Shrum will solicit prices for an all-wheel drive Ford Transit ambulance.

Shrum reported to the ambulance board last Thursday that the new all-wheel drive Transit, with a system always in four-wheel drive mode, will be introduced this fall.

He had previously been leaning toward a Mercedes Sprinter or similar type truck.

Shrum first brought up the idea of acquiring a Sprinter-type vehicle at the June 2017 board meeting. The smaller, van-like vehicles are about half the price of full-sized ambulances and get much better gas mileage. It would be used on transfers only, to save wear and tear on the more expensive trucks.

See complete coverage in the July 24 edition of the Herald.

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