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New Prosecutor Has Begun Process Of Reviewing Evidence In Lynn Messer’s Death

Marking the fifth anniversary of Lynn Messer’s disappearance on July 8, 2014, with a candlelight vigil, family members expressed hope that justice would eventually be done.

Wayne Williams, who succeeded Carl Kinsky as county prosecuting attorney in January, said investigation is continuing on the case.

“I had spoken with various family members prior to the election and my basic thing was, I think they want someone to look at this and look at it closely,” Williams said. “I promised them I would do that.”

He is just now diving into the case, after having acclimated himself to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

“The first seven months in office is a very busy time,” Williams said, adding that he had to learn “new systems and new processes.

“I did tell the family I would look at the case if law enforcement would bring it to me, and law enforcement indicated that they would do that,” he added.

Williams stressed that the case has not been put on a back burner.

“I am in the process of reviewing evidence in the case. I’ve just started that process,” he said. “Since the case was pending for a while, the volume of evidence and reports and things of that nature is voluminous. So it’s going to take me a reasonable amount of time to go through them. The first thing I’m going to do is organize the files. That’s going to take a while. There’s so many reports and recordings and things of that nature. It’s going to take me a while to go through there.”

See complete story in the July 17 edition of the Herald.

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