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Landlord Wants Ste. Genevieve’s Water Bill Policy Changed

More than 45 minutes of last Thursday’s Ste. Genevieve Board of Aldermen meeting were devoted to public comments.

Cindy Munoz said her mother, Anne Fallert, owns “10 or 11” rental properties in town and has been hurt by the city’s policy of holding both tenants and landlords responsible for overdue water bills.

“The issue is, we get a renter, and right now I believe we have three, that get so far behind in their water bill,” Munoz said. “I guess you use their deposit first and then they don’t pay the bill for another couple of months and they leave. and my mother is then responsible for those bills.”

Munoz said she has “watched over” her mother’s finances the past few years and that Fallert has always been left holding the bag on these bills.

“Can a new ordinance be written modifying this? I guess that’s my question,” Munoz said.

She said city personnel “have been very helpful” in sending copies of renters’ water bills so she can monitor how far behind they are in paying them. She added they are “always very helpful and very polite.”

See complete story in the July 3 edition of the Herald.

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