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Two People Recommended For New Bourbon Port Board’s Seventh Spot

The New Bourbon Regional Port Authority board agreed during its June 19 meeting to invite two prospective board members to attend their next two meetings.

Rodney Richardet, who is also the Perry County collector, resigned this spring and recommended Perry County Assessor Charlie Triller as his replacement.

Three commissioners each are appointed by Perry and Ste. Genevieve counties, with those six commissioners electing a seventh.

Ste. Genevieve County Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson has complained several times that the seventh commissioner has almost always been from Perry County.

Nelson had informed the port commission in a letter that Nick Wehner of Ste. Genevieve County is willing to take the vacated spot. Nelson recommended him for the position.

A debate sprung up as to the legality of Ste. Genevieve County having four commissioners.

Board member Mark Gremaud suggested that the bylaws stipulate that Perry County has four board members because Ste. Genevieve County is the county in which the port itself is located.

Chris Koehler of Koehler Engineering disputed this, saying he thought the at-large member could be from either county.

It was agreed that Wehner and Triller will each be invited to the upcoming meetings before the decision is made.

See complete story in the June 26 edition of the Herald.

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