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Two Residents Inquire About County’s Paving Schedule

Two residents contacted the Ste. Genevieve County Commission by telephone last Thursday, wondering when they could expect to see their roads paved.

The first was a resident of Charter Church Road, asking if it was ever going to get paved. First District County Commissioner Randy Bahr explained that rain and high water this spring have put the county three months behind in its paving plans. He said Bodine and Madden Creek roads are next on the list, but that not a mile of road has been paved yet.

He also said a few spots on Charter Church Road will need widening before it is paved.

The caller said she understood how the weather affects road work. She also said that one or two culverts will probably need replacing, as well.

The other caller, a Gillespie Road resident, was not so understanding.

When he asked if the road would ever be paved, Bahr asked if the fences has been moved back and/or straightened as agreed so the road can be widened and proper ditches can be added prior to paving.

The caller said the landowner with the fence that needs straightening has been ill.

The caller’s fence, meanwhile, needed to be moved back from the road. He said he would move it when he had “a guarantee” that the county would then pave the road.

“I have a hard time believing it’s going to happen” he said.

Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson reminded him that the landowners had agreed to take care of the fences first.

“When we see the fences moved, we’ll get serious about paving,” Nelson said.

See complete story in the June 19 edition of the Herald.

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