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Special Road District Crews Spent Time Working On Port Rd.; Quarrytown, Bourbon Received Overlays

Special Road District A foreman Paul Bauman reported that his crew spent about two weeks of the past month working on New Bourbon Port Road in addition to getting most of the district’s planned overlays and paving completed.

“We spent quite a bit of time hauling rock down there, with the water being up,” Bauman reported during the short June 11 board meeting. “I probably spent a couple of weeks down there.”

He reported that they had also worked on Eisenbeis Bottom Road.

“We widened the road and took a bunch of that bank off,” he said.

“Then sometime down the road, we can overlay that,” district chairman Paul Arnold said.

“Yeah, we can easily make the road a couple of feet wider,” Bauman agreed.

Meanwhile, Quarrytown Road [1.5 miles], Bourbon [six-tenths of a mile] and Industrial River Road were all overlayed.

“We overlayed a couple of roads and did ditch work on them and fixed all the driveway entrances,” Bauman said.

It was agreed that the Quarrytown Road overlay had made a significant improvement.

“That entrance to Quarrytown [Road] turned out good,” board member Paul Viox said.

See complete story in the June 19 edition of the Herald.

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