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Benches In Bloomsdale Revisited, But Monia Doesn’t Believe They Need To Be Replaced

City of Bloomsdale officials took one more look at a pair of benches near Bloomsdale Bank, discussed a problem with the Dollar General property and considered the nuisance caused by the LED light on a cell tower during a brief Board of Aldermen meeting on June 11.

Only about 12 minutes were spent discussing actual business.

The board had agreed the previous month to drop the idea of replacing or repairing the aging benches, often used by people walking from Bloomsdale Estates to Mary’s Market and back.

Mayor Paul Monia reported that he had checked the benches out personally since then.

In May there were questions raised about how the benches were held in place, in addition to their condition.

“I did go by there; I did look at them,” Monia said. “They’re 32 inches long. They are held in the ground by a two-inch square tubing that is placed in solid concrete.”

He went into considerable detail.

“They were originally fiberglass school bus seats is what they were,” he said. “One of them has been bumped, by a car it looks like, on the corner. But I’m telling you, clearly, if I needed a place to sit, I would feel very comfortable and I wouldn’t [hesitate to use them]. So, I see no issue there.”

See complete story in the June 19 edition of the Herald.

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